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Local Councils

Council is a communal, contemplative practice where we do our inner work in a group. We use a variety of practices that have stood the test of time and come to us from wisdom traditions around the world. A large part of this practice is telling our own stories while observing the four intentions of Council: speak from the heart, listen from the heart, be spontaneous, and be lean of speech (this doesn’t mean be short or brief, but rather getting to the essence of what we have to say). Council is not many things. It isn’t a place to debate ideas. It isn’t a place to get or give answers or advice. It isn’t a place to be held accountable by others. Rather, Council is a place uncommon to the rest of life where you are invited to put down the many identities and roles you play, reconnect to life itself, and sink deeper into your true self. 

We offer regularly occurring Councils. An in-person Council happens in the Greater Vancouver area on the second Wednesday of each month and a virtual Council on the fourth Thursday of each month. Both go from 7:30pm-9:00pm. Please sign up to our newsletter or reach out to one of our co-conveners to find out more information and join us. All are welcome!

Additional Offerings

In addition to our regular monthly rhythms of Council, Illuman of BC occasionally offers short retreats and days of wandering in the wilderness. The best way to find out when these are happening is to sign up for our newsletter.

Canada’s First Men’s Rites of Passage – May 22-26, 2024

The Men’s Rites of Passage (MROP) is an experience that awakens men to the adventure and mystery of their own belovedness, their masculinity, their griefs and losses, their deep spirituality, their potential for leadership, and the process of transformation. Over the course of 5 days of soulful experiences, men go through classic steps of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching.  This process is facilitated by plenty of alone time, being out in nature, time with a small group of brothers, and time with the larger overall group.

Men are asked to come with a willingness to participate from beginning to end and not as an observer.  Trust that this process, which has served others so well, will also meet you wherever it is you are in life and help you move into wherever it is you need to go. 

For more information about the MROP, visit the Illuman US National site.

Illuman of BC, with support from Illuman of Washington and Illuman of Oregon, is hosting Canada’s first MROP in Deroche, BC, approximately 90 minutes east of Vancouver.


Applications are now open! To apply to be an Initiate and attend the MROP, please complete this form and someone from the MROP Team will reach out to you in the coming weeks.

For those who have been though the MROP in the past and would like to return as an Initiator, please complete this form and someone from our team will reach out to you in the coming weeks.

After you connect with our team, you will be invited to register and pay. The cost for the event is $650. This includes all meals, lodging and the Rites of Passage. Our hope is to make the MROP accessible to all men who want to participate. If you need any support with your application or would like to discuss any financial support, please contact

We look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your journey!

*Please note that if you are travelling from outside of Canada, you will need a valid passport with at least six months remaining before it expires to enter Canada.