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men transforming men through a power greater than ourselves

Illuman of BC, based in British Columbia, Canada, is a community where men connect to do their inner spiritual work to become healthier and more authentic human beings. We are non-denominational, interfaith and spiritually inclusive, welcoming all male-identified persons to our work without regard for your religion, race, ethnicity, class, education, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that might make you feel excluded.

Illuman emphasizes contemplative spiritual practices and unique ritual experiences more than conceptual teachings. Through story, image, nature, rhythm, and stillness, Illuman creates one-of-a-kind opportunities for men to explore what matters to them most.

Our programs and offerings provide men with an opportunity to do their inner work in the company of other men. We know that walking beside other like-minded men opens us up to personal healing, deeper connection with each other, and to a loving presence in the world.

In this community, you’ll find Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, other faiths and plenty none-of-the-aboves. Our community is made up of men who are left of this, right of that, wealthy, poor, young, old, elders, and elders yet-to-be. We are joined together on this quest to live rooted and loving lives of depth.

Awakening men to their belovedness so they might love the world 

We are men transforming men through a power greater than ourselves.

We are seeking a life changing spirituality.

We are focused on inner work that makes a difference in the world.

We are fed by the wisdom traditions of forgiveness and radical inclusivity.

We recover traditional patterns of male initiation.

We affirm a masculine path to healing that reveals the true and false selves and honours the path of descent.

We do this through the power of nature, ritual, image, story and council.

Our Five Touchstones

This Journey of Illumination is one we take together involving five touchstones. For further information and resources, see the US Illuman National website here.


Show up and observe: Each day challenge yourself to make contact with your true Source, that which makes you come most alive.


Show up, share and listen: Regularly look for support and accountability with other committed brothers and listen to each other’s stories.


Show up and practice: Find spiritual disciplines that keep your mind and heart open and connected, your body centered, and your emotions grounded.


Show up and let go: Living in the present requires us to release the past and let go of ways that no longer serve us.


Show up and act: Honour the earth and serve the whole human community. Find ways to positively impact your family, community, and world.

Contact Us

 If you want to learn more about Illuman of BC, please talk to either of our co-conveners, Andrew Stegemann or Matthew Smedley. Andrew, specifically, can be reached at